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Plus, Voltron needs a a right leg as well, I suppose. Anyone else struck by the extremly low incidence of crossover between bloggers and Hummer owners? My shriek of horror was undoubtedly heard throughout the store. That is a good one, Bryan. Too bad I heard it here first. Re: Arnold and the gay marriage: Being from Hollywood, Arnold is surrounded by gay marriages between a man and a woman. I am sure there is no logical disconnect for him. Q: How many bloggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Two, but how the hell they get inside is the real question! Why is it too bad?

I heard it there first, too. I was trying to share something I thought was funny. I guess I could source everything I say, but that would steal work from the department of redundancy department cheesy saying attributed to Dave, college roommate , Pine Tree Apartments. I was just observing some fairly tangible hostility against hummers and their owners. If you own or drive one, I make no assumption that your genitalia is inordinately small, spotty, or somehow dysfunctional. A: Seventeen. There must have been a very unfortunate circumcision accident.

That Time I Traded an Audi S4 for a Hummer H1—and a Hummer H1 for a Mini

Sure, it was easier explaining that then when he asked me who the plush Cthulhu doll was that sits on my monitor, but I still felt the age thing suddenly. Q : How many bloggers does it take to change a light bulb? Go nuts.

Update : Two more I thought up on the bus this morning. Q : How many conservative bloggers does it take to change a light bulb? Q : How many H2 drivers does it take to chnage a lightbulb? Q: How many H2 drivers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? How many Bloggers does it take to change a light bulb? Hell, who needs lightbulbs? Gets about miles per gallon , and big rich men with sunglasses talking on a cell phone can be frequently seen driving them.

Occasionally you will see the top of a woman's head over peering over the dashboard and two skinny arms reaching up to the wheel. Hummer, the car that says : "I have a small penis. Milkshake Duck Being a Towel Above your raising Pank Rembrandt Octopus Girl Hambug Fumble the bag The seagull Feasty I am not saying the stance is wrong, merely that it opens a whole area of value aligned behaviours, norms and rules that while currently implied, become controversial when not explicit.

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But maybe controversy is not such a bad thing, hey? My second issue is less about content, and more about style. Please excuse me a moment while I air my own opinion. And this I hope will reveal a little more about my own alignment that may have been obscured and not explicit in the first argument! I value the right to free speech see point 1 but I believe the concern for the environment is too great to become embroiled in name-calling and mud-slinging.

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The only way we can do this is together — the whole of humanity, hand in hand. We need to co-operate. That energy could be far better spent. Sustainability is not simply about saving the plants, water and atmosphere, humans are a fundamental and integral part of the equation.

So getting off my soap box, I thank you all for the opportunity to learn from this — it has been great to see passion in action, and to have the chance to reflect on how we can all best move forward. I fully accept your second point about the dangers of polarising discussion by petty sniping. I already regret lowering the tone of dissent with my earlier, immature response above.

There is as much danger in the environmental discourse of Puritanism and absolutism. Behaviours and products do have different impacts. Some are more blatant, others more ambiguous. I see no problem with taking stands on some aspects while leaving others up to individual choice. To hide behind relativism as an excuse for not banning some items is a cop out.

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As I said in the less childish I hope part of my earlier response on the thread, Rentoid is a private business. And anyway, I think the ban is funny. And humour is something that helps a cause a bit more than hand-wringing and fence-sitting. Dr Dre — thanks for the feedback — all you points are clear and appreciated. I would just like to clarify one point I made that your reply has made me realise was somewhat ambiguous — and that is that I do totally agree that hiding behind relativism is a cop out.

At the moment we all kind of feel these things are there, this was an invitation to get some of them out into the open, beyond the Hummer example. Let the debate begin! How bout people complain a little more about what they cant afford. Sorry you have to drive a hybrid car cause thats all you can get. Fuck the children look out for yourself and do and get what makes you happy.


Further more as far as me destroying yor car when we get into an accident tough luck!!! To all the Hummer lovers out there. Thanks for your honest and articulate comments on this posting. Your comments quite literally prove the point that Hummers typically represent all that is bad in TRISTAN hummers own they are the vehicle of the army the save lives transport tropes and hall big crap they are the bets vehicles. Are you people really serious?? Save a little on gasoline or risk your life in a wind up car??

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Gee, I really have to think twice about this one. People, get real….. They buy it for practical reasons.