Short Story Beginnings and Endings

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Beginnings and Endings: A Selection of Short Stories

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Mastering Beginnings and Endings in Fiction

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This best-selling book will show you how! Buy it here on Amazon! Take the pain out of learning good grammar! With short, sometimes snarky entries, Say What? Buy Say What? Online Courses. From there, things start going downhill. Take a look at how Abigail Thomas begins with her moment of discovery: Monday, April 24, at nine forty at night, our doorman Pedro called me on the intercom. Endings Talking about beginnings brings us to this pertinent question: Where will your memoir end?

The third and final short story in this collection is The End of Summer. This story has a much heavier subject matter. It brings up memories and the hope of moving forward.

Beginnings and Endings: A Selection of Short Stories by Jane Suen

Dec 04, Debi rated it it was amazing. I love her writing style and how the words of whatever story she writes just flow so easily. She's so creative and I love not knowing what I'm going to get whenever I open one of her books. This was an extremely quick and fun read. Each story took a few pages to tell but were so full of emotion that my thoughts and imagination made the stories so much lo Beginnings and Endings: A Selection of Short Stories by Jane Suen 5 Stars This is not my first book by this author, and again will not be my last.

Each story took a few pages to tell but were so full of emotion that my thoughts and imagination made the stories so much longer. The first one definitely made me smile, the second one made me sad, then hopeful, and the third one was probably my favorite and made me feel content and the bonus story at the end made me laugh out loud, once I realized what I was reading I had to read it again to fully appreciate it.

Great book, I loved it! Dec 04, Anna Hirsch rated it really liked it. Although they are really short, they are well written.

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They were complex and emotional. Each story was detailed and interesting.