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This is a 14 week online course designed to create strong, resilient women who of course don't have time to get to 5 yoga classes and 10 bootcamp sessions a week!

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It's the result of years of sport, coaching and studying, which has helped me understand what women really need in a workout. This is what I now know: we need intensity, but not too much. We need to move brilliantly — without pain for sure, but even more than that; exercise should feel good, really good.

We need to breathe — for our pelvic health and general well being. We need to do new and challenging things.

We need to do impact and weight bearing exercises. Raise your body so it is in a diagonal line and raise your left arm toward the sky. Keeping your body stable and in a diagonal, reach your left arm forward and scoop it toward yourself, hovering above the floor. Reach back out, returning your left arm toward the sky. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Glute Bridge : Lay on your back with your knees bent.

Strong to the Core : Get on the Ball for a Strong, Lean Physique

Keeping your arms on the ground raise your hips into the air. Create a diagonal line from the top of your knees to your shoulders. Lower and lift your hips, tightening your glues and core each time.

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Perform 40 total. Plank Walk Out: Start in a standing position.

Strong to the Core | 1:1

Bend from the hips toward the ground until your hands reach the floor. If needed, slightly bend your knees to reach the floor. Walk forward on your hands until your reach plank position. Hold the plank for three seconds and then walk back to the starting position. Every 10th rep, hold for 10 seconds to check your form; proper form better targets the muscles you want to strengthen and prevents injury.

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Lie on your stomach, arms out to side and bent at the elbows. Squeeze your glutes and lift your legs a few inches off the ground. Lift your chest slightly while you look straight ahead.

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Hold this position as you move your arms about 6 inches back and forth. Keep your butt tight to prevent back injury and to keep core muscles engaged.

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Works: entire back, glutes, quads. Set a decline bench at a degree angle.

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Engage the abdominals and slowly drop halfway down until your torso is perpendicular to the bench. Twist to the right, back to center, then to left as if you were drawing a semi-circle with the ball.

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As your strength increases, hold the ball six inches from your chest, then with fully extended arms don't lock your elbows. Works: entire abdominal area. Here's a simple twist on the old standby.